D’Souza Live from the Bundy Ranch Tonight on “The Kelly File”


Today, I am at the Bundy Ranch for their Patriot Party. I am standing with Americans who care about free speech and property rights.

“Captain America” Directors Fed Up With Obama’s America

Captain America

Apparently there are two “America” movies you should see this year. The villainous government of the new “Captain America” film sounds pretty familiar…

Is America Based on Oppression and Theft?


I am an Indian immigrant to this country and a proud American citizen. I love this country and fear that unless the Progressives’ anti-American arguments are met forcibly and on their own terms, America will cease to be the beacon of freedom and hope that it always has been.

American Moments: The Land of Opportunity

American Moments

D’Souza explores the opportunities that America provided him over India. You might be surprised to find out what the biggest difference was. Hint: it’s not material.

Obama’s Tax Return Reveals His 2013 Tithe


President Barack Obama has spoken numerous times in the past about the importance of being his “brother’s keeper,” so exactly how much did the commander in chief donate to his church this year?